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Workshop 2 - Measuring and Demonstrating ROI: Building the Business Impact of Insights

Andrew Cannon - GRBN

ROI – it’s a term that we hear a lot in business and one we are hearing more and more used with reference to Insights and Analytics as budgets are either shrinking or expanding. Corporate researchers’ ability to measure and promote the significant ROI they provide to their organisations is critical to their ongoing success. Many Insights departments want to be seen as a “strategic consultant” to the business, yet too often the department can be considered as reactive and functional rather than strategic by its internal clients. That’s not necessarily because they are; it’s due at least in part to so few departments being bold enough to market the value they provide in terms of ROI to their organisations.

So it’s not surprising to learn that a joint GRBN/BCG study conducted in 2017 showed that consumer Insights departments that ARE measuring and reporting the ROI of insights are more likely to be seen as strategic business partners, with growing resources, more discretionary budget and a seat at the decision-making table. Insights has the opportunity to become the rocket fuel that drives the increasingly consumer-centric decision making environment. We just need to get better at measuring and communicating the ROI of what we do. Against this backdrop EphMRA is pleased to announce that Andrew Cannon, Executive Director of the Global Research Business Network (GRBN), will be delivering this workshop at the 2019 EphMRA Conference in Warsaw. Read on to find out why you should attend.

Workshop objectives

Many companies struggle to realise the full potential of their customer insight function. In order to maintain and grow budgets, we need to do a better job at demonstrating the business impact of insights and measuring the ROI we deliver. This workshop is designed to help you demonstrate this.

 Who should attend

Whilst the responsibility for measuring the ROI of Insights falls on the clients’ shoulders, agency have a huge role to play in supporting their clients achieve strategic business partner status, and by doing it well can achieve their own strategic business partner status with their clients.

If want to talk to your manager about the rationale for attending take a look here at the impact this workshop has had for other organisations:

What you will learn

 The workshop will help you understand that the real ROI is about the impact your insights have on the business and, thus, what your company gets back from the investment it makes in you, your team and your research.  You will learn some of the best practices in ROI measurement by those already doing it.

In preparation

It’s important that we prepare you for the workshop and so once registered you will be sent a link to a short questionnaire (a Boston Consulting Group tool), designed to assess the current state of your company’s customer insight capabilities (industry side participants only).

On the day

The workshop will be interactive and include round table discussions on concerns, issues and needs.  The focus will be on:

  • Discussing the results of the BCG analysis completed prior to the workshop
  • Learning the different dimensions of the GRBN framework
  • Learning how to get started with measuring your own ROI and demonstratingnyour business impact.

Discovering key findings and insights from the latest research-on-research and best practices.  In addition EphMRA is please to include in the workshop a copy of the GRBN ROI Invest in Insights Handbook.

How to register

 The cost to attend the 4 hour workshop is 450 euros at the early bird rate if you are an EphMRA member.  Non members pay a higher fee. You can only attend this workshop if you are a Conference delegate. To register and secure your place on the workshop, please contact Bernadette Rogers on [email protected].

For a downloadable pdf about this workshop, please click here.

Don’t miss out – sign up now. Limited spaces available.


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