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In 2019 we had more sponsors than ever sponsoring some fantastic items at the conference in Warsaw and we are now excited to share with you lots of fabulous sponsorship opportunities for Antwerp! We hope that you will be inspired by these opportunities and will wish to sponsor at what is shaping up to be an unmissable event.

Here is what is on offer for Antwerp -  EphMRA Sponsorship Opportunities  pdf 

We are delighted that our 2019 sponsors are sponsoring again for 2020 and wish to thank them all for their continued support of EphMRA and the conference:

GLocalMind - delegate bag and A5 pad

Ipsos Health- delegate lanyard

M3 Global Health - water bottles and water stations

Research Partnership - conference photographer

IGV Marktforschung GmbH - delegate badge

Survey Healthcare - digital lecturn branding & welcome/registration desk and wall

AplusA Research - conference WiFi password

For more information about sponsorship, please contact Caroline Snowdon, Events Manager – [email protected] or Bernadette Rogers, General Manager – [email protected] if you’d like to discuss opportunities for sponsorship.  We are always looking for new ideas!


GLocalMind are again sponsoring the delegate bag for the 5th year in a row - with an A5 pad.  Every delegate will again be given one of the bags that GLocalMind will have designed especially for the conference and we hope that the bag for 2020 will be as popular as this year's.  In line with the drive for reducing waste and responsibility for the environment, the bag will again be eco friendly and reusable.

Ipsos Health

Ipsos Health will sponsored the conference lanyard for the 2nd time in Antwerp and this will be a perfect opportunity to promote their company name throughout the conference.  We are looking to source a recyclable lanyard for 2020, in order to reduce our impact on the environment e.g. made from recycled plastic.

“Investing in an EphMRA sponsorship is a great tactic I have used for many years now, for visibility and reinforcement of our brand. Our participation in EphMRA allows us to both share our own expertise but also exposes us to new insights and connections. I’ve always greatly appreciated active participation in EphMRA events – a chance to align with long-standing friends and establish new acquaintances, alike!”

Jessica Gates, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing & Communications, Custom Healthcare, Ipsos (Sponsor of delegate lanyards)

M3 Global Research

M3 Global Research will once again sponsor the reusable conference water bottle for 2020, to help reduce plastic waste. Water stations will again be provided throughout the conference center to allow delegates to fill their bottles as required and of course everyone will be able to take their bottle home to reuse!  We are looking to find a smaller bottle than in 2019, in order to make it easier to carry around.


Research Partnership

Research Partnership will again sponsor the conference photographer - a very high-profile person at the conference, who will be seen in all rooms busily taking some lovely photographs of speakers, delegates and networking events. He again will be wearing a polo shirt with the sponsor's name prominently positioned on it, meaning Research Partnership's logo is very visible throughout the entire conference.  

AplusA Research

AplusA Research are sponsoring the conference WiFi code for the second time in Antwerp, which will be used by every delegate to access the WiFi at the conference.

IGV Marktforschung GmbH

IGV Marktforschung will be sponsoring the conference delegate badge in Antwerp, which is printed on site.  Like the lanyard, the badge is a highly visible item at the conference, giving IGV Marktforschung many opportunities for their brand name to be seen by delegates.

Survey Healthcare (SHC)

EphMRA will be offering sponsorship of the conference lecterns and registration desk signage for the second time in Antwerp and SHC are again keen to sponsor these items, as they were again highly visible throughout the entirety of the 2019 conference.

Following the launch of our sponsorship opportunities for the conference, we have some new sponsors for 2020, for which EphMRA is very grateful.


Sponsors of the Belgian Beer Bar at the Drinks Reception on Tuesday 23rd June


Sponsors of the polo shirts which will be worn by the conference hosts and also one of the main door panels at the entrance of the conference center (3 more available to sponsor).

Ripple International

We are really pleased that Ripple International are again sponsoring an A5 pad for the delegate bag. This was very popular last year, as it was a high quality, hard backed book – excellent for lots of notes both at the conference and back at the office

Elma Research

We are delighted that Elma Research are sponsoring an A5 pad for the delegate bag. Elma Research are a new sponsor and we are sure that they will benefit from this sponsorship

EphMRA 2021 - Antwerp - June 15 -17

Our conference has been postponed until 2021 and will take place on 15-17 June in Antwerp 2021.  You can listen to outstanding presentations that would have been presented this year in Antwerp as Webinars, which are available to EphMRA members only.  You can find all the recordings and pdf files of the slides on the members area of the main EphMRA website - click here 

2nd Call for Papers 2021

We had some outstanding papers submitted by speakers for our conference in September and are now looking for some more inspiring papers to complete our sensational programme next June (15-17).  New submissions needed by Monday 18th January.  For more information and the submission form click here