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We have been  working hard on our sponsorship packages for the conference to give you plenty of choice in terms of sponsorship items but also prices. There is something for all budgets!

Whether you want to sponsor the Social Media Wall or the conference centre WiFi code to increase your company's presence at the conference, we would love to hear from you. Don't miss out - we expect there to be a lot of interest in sponsorship for 2019!

Items are selling fast since we launched, so below you can see what is available and what has been sold. There are still some great opportunities to meet all budgets!

For all the information you need about the items on offer, please click here for a pdf including prices for each item.

Please contact Caroline Snowdon, Events Manager at [email protected] or Bernadette Rogers, General Manager at [email protected] if you'd like to discuss opportunities.  

All sponsors will be mentioned at least twice during the conference during presentations; will appear on the conference App with details about their company and also will be credited on the back of the new look delegate badge.

We are very pleased that 4 sponsors are again sponsoring the same item at the conference in Warsaw and these can be found below:


GLocalMind will be sponsoring the delegate bag for the third time in 2019.  Every delegate will use one for the 3 day event and the company logo will be seen at all times. In 2019, GLocalMind will be sourcing the bag for the conference.


IPSOS have signed up to sponsor the badge lanyard, as this is a perfect opportunity to promote their company name at every moment during the event as it was around everyone's neck! GfK (now IPSOS) have sponsored the badge lanyard for a number of years now and continue to see the value in sponsoring this high profile item.  For the first time this year, the badges were recyclable and this will be repeated in 2019 in order to help the environment.

M3 Global Research

M3 Global Research are again sponsoring the water bottle but it's all change for 2019!  With increasing publicity about the detrimental and devastating effect to our environment of single use plastics in the world, EphMRA and M3 Global Research are delighted to be providing a reusable M3 branded bottle for the conference.  This will mean that there will be minimal waste and the conference won't be contributing to the plastic mountain on the land and sea.  Water stations will be provided throughout the conference centre to allow you to fill your bottles as required and of course you will be able to take your bottle home to reuse!

Research Partnership

Research Partnership will again sponsor the conference photographer - a very high profile person at the conference, who is seen in all rooms busily taking some lovely photographs of speakers, delegates and networking events. He again will be wearing a polo shirt with the sponsor's name prominently positioned on it, meaning Research Partnership's logo is very visible throughout the entire conference.  Their sponsorship includes a significant number of photos taken of their agency fair stand, Research Partnership colleagues and presenters.  It also includes photos of their agency session.


Registration for the 2019 conference is now OPEN! The mid fee now applies, as the early bird fee deadline ended on 12th March. Fees will increase on 22nd May, so register today to avoid the high fees!

The link to register is -

We look forward to seeing you in Warsaw.