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Why should you attend

It's always great to hear testimonials from delegates who attended previous conferences and we are delighted to share 2 fabulous blogs from TAB Healthcare and Bazis Group - both of whom attended the conference in Basel and clearly gained a great deal from their conference experience.  

Elisabet Beltran from TAB Healthcare has attended for 10 years in a row, which is a remarkable achievement!  TAB Healthcare are loyal members of EphMRA and we very much appreciate their support of the conference.  Read her blog about her experience in Basel and some key takeaways from the conference. 

Below is just a small snapshot of what Elisabet took away from the conference in Basel:

"The EphMRA conference just lasts three days, but they are three very intense days, full of inspiring ideas. We take away many learnings from Basel, but if we had to summarise, we would highlight the following 3:

  1. Social media and artificial intelligence allow us to have an unprecedented amount of data and information that will need to be decoded in an insightful manner. They will also allow us to discover new applications that may someday replace the doctor with artificial intelligence able to overcome human skills.
  2. Innovative techniques are being developed to connect and understand who the patient really is. We hope this is not just a marketing strategy but a way to substantially improve their lives.
  3. The new GDPR shouldn’t be considered only as a bureaucratic burden but as an opportunity to improve the confidentiality of citizens."

Whilst the conference in Warsaw this year will be a very different experience to Basel in 2018, this year's conference promises to inspire and educate all who attend and will provide you with great networking opportunities with colleagues in our industry.

Anna Shevalova from Bazis Group in Russia also had a very positive experience at the conference and as non-members of EphMRA they gained a great deal from their experience in Basel.  Read their blog to find out what value they gained from attending the conference -

"One of the most rewarding things about going to EphMRA ever year is reconnecting with our clients. We’re proud to work with them and be able to build strong relationships with the people and organizations we collaborate with. Also, it provides us an opportunity to make news connections and learn from others." - Anna Shevalova, Bazis Group

If you had any doubts about whether to attend this year in Warsaw, we hope that these 2 blogs will encourage you to register and experience all that the EphMRA Warsaw conference has to offer!  Why wait?

EphMRA 2020 - Antwerp - June 23-25 - put the dates in your diary!

The 2019 Conference is now well and truly over but we are already in full planning mode for 2020! We are looking for speakers to present at the conference in Antwerp next June (23-25) and you can find the details for what types of papers we are looking for on the Conference 2020 page.  We need your ideas by 18th September, so get inspired over the summer and send us your submission.  We are very much looking forward to some outstanding papers, as the bar was set very high this year!  For more information, contact Caroline Snowdon - [email protected] or Bernadette Rogers - [email protected]