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Conference Fees

We are delighted to announce that conference prices have been reduced AGAIN this year by 13.5%, which means that the conference fees have reduced by 23.5% over the past 2 years! This offers outstanding value for conference attendance!

Note: the VAT rate in Poland is 23% and this will be added at time of registration.  VAT can, however, be claimed back by your company if it is VAT registered.

The mid fee deadline has now passed, so the late fee now applies until the conference in June.

For the full list of fees at the early bird, mid fee and late fee rates, please click here.  All prices in this document exclude VAT.  When you register, this is the price you will see quoted on the registration site and when you complete your registration and pay, the VAT will be added at the end.


Registration for the 2019 conference is still OPEN! The late fee now applies until the conference.

The link to register is -

We look forward to seeing you in Warsaw.