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Agency Sessions

We will again be offering agencies the opportunity to speak in one of our coveted 30 minute agency sessions.  However, taking on board the feedback received from the conference in Basel, these will now be limited to 12 sessions in total - i.e. 4 time slots (either side of the networking lunch)  with 3 sessions in parallel.  This reduces the parallel sessions from 5 to 3, which was requested by agencies in 2018.

Note:  Agency Sessions will be allocated strictly on a date of payment basis for delegate places and booth.

11 Agency Sessions are reserved for those agencies booking 3m x 3m booths and 1 is reserved for those agencies booking 2m x 2m booths.

These sessions will be an opportunity for agencies to promote new ideas and will be featured on the programme as sponsored papers. They will also appear on the conference App.

Brand new for 2019!

For those agencies not fortunate enough to secure an Agency Session, we are for the first time, offering agencies an opportunity to give a short 10 minute informal presentation during the Welcome Cocktail on Tuesday 25th June.  There will be 6 of these slots available and again, these will allocated on a first come, first paid basis.  5 will be reserved for agencies booking a 3m x 3m booth and 1 for agencies booking a 2m x 2m booth.

There will be a designated area within the Agency Fair for agencies to speak and there will be a microphone available.  These sessions are designed to be engaging and informative for delegates to listen to and they will stand up to listen.  These sessions will be scheduled at specific times during the Welcome Cocktail.

These sessions will be also be an opportunity for agencies to promote new ideas and will be featured on the programme as sponsored papers. They will also appear on the conference App.

Those agencies who do not secure either slots will be able to bring a roll up banner to put up in the Agency Fair to showcase something of interest to delegates but agencies will need to produce the roll up banners at their own expense.

These were some of the topics on offer in 2018 to delegates:

  •  QualWorld - Remote working heaven or home office hell?
  •  Elma Research - Work Hard, Play Hard – “Disrupt” Workshop Experience with Gamification
  •  SERMO - Dashboard analytics
  •  Adelphi Research - Adapting for the future - identifying seeds of change
  •  Ipsos Healthcare - Amplifying the Patient Voice
  •  The Planning Shop - Silent Witness? The untold story of the Patient
  •  Medefield, ID+tive - Using chatbots and AI to prevent fraud in market research
  •  The EarthWorks Insights - Putting research at the heart of developing Patient Support Programmes (PSPs)
  •  Optimal Strategix Group - Customer Experience – Do we know what is means in healthcare?
  •  GLocalMind -Taking the Generation Lens to Physician Engagement
  •   J&D Consulting - What’s the potential? Sizing the opportunity to make the right decision
  •  M3 Global Research - HCP Insight: How to successfully deliver on emerging trends in life science market     research
  •  Diaceutics -Companion Diagnostics: from Understanding, Implementation to Seamless Integration
  •  Assure BrandPanels - Using AI and machine learning to fight fraud in pharma market research
  •  A+A Research - Dear GP, how are YOU feeling today?
  •  Research Partnership - Portfolio Analysis - choosing your communication strategy
  •  GfK - How researchers remain relevant in a digital world
  •  SKIM - Study patient need states instead of treatment pathways
  •  Lifescience Dynamics - A holistic approach to business issue research using MR + CI + MA P&R
  •  Medilead, Inc. - A new multidisciplinary approach to understand patients better - learnings through   collaboration with a cancer peer support group



Registration for the 2019 conference is now OPEN! The mid fee now applies, as the early bird fee deadline ended on 12th March. Fees will increase on 22nd May, so register today to avoid the high fees!

The link to register is -

We look forward to seeing you in Warsaw.