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With EphMRA’s 2021 conference drawing closer, we are delighted to announce further details of four more speaker sessions to bookmark. 

TUE 16:25-16:55


Implicit Associations

Diversity Beats Bias in Analysis

With speaker Andrew Grenville from Maru/Matchbox, and convenor Stephen Potts from Purdie Pascoe

How can we embrace diverse perspectives to battle bias? Andrew Grenville discusses bias and unconscious thoughts – how they dictate the way we feel, the way we behave, and the way we think. Andrew’s paper focuses on how important it is that insights professionals speak the truth, without bias and heuristics complicating matters. The session looks at how diversity can generate deeper insights, perspectives and inputs, taking an up-close look at the approaches used by other sense-makers such as doctors, intelligence analysts, detectives and scientists. 

WED 12:55-13:25


Telemedicine: Finding a Focus for Telemedicine: Visionary Patient Opportunity or Short-sighted Solution?

With Karen Sheehan from Novartis, Ah-hwa Lee from Research Partnership, and convenor Carolyn Chamberlain from Blueprint Partnership

Two industry experts investigate the opportunities for telemedicine in supporting solutions in ophthalmology by a global healthcare company. Thanks to Covid-19 accelerating uptake of digital healthcare solutions, telemedicine has seen a distinctly positive shift in perception. The patient journey has long since made use of telemedicine, yet we are still seeing challenges in its uptake. What challenges must be overcome to be ensure a wider adoption in the future? Speakers use insights from a global lockdown study to discuss the wider use of a telemedicine service – what are the implications for your company’s digital strategy?

THU 16:10-16:40



The Wisdom of Bees: Applying Swarm Intelligence for Pharma Insights

With Tamara Burke from Survey Healthcare Globus, David Baltaxe from Unanimous AI, and convenor Tracy Machado from Phoenix Healthcare

The application of a specialised form of AI, known as Artificial Swarm Intelligence or Swarm AI, is providing fresh insights in HCP research. This interactive session showcases a relatively new AI tool. Swarm AI® harnesses the power of human groups in combination with AI technology to produce valuable qualitative and quantitative guidance for researchers.  Our speakers discuss how HCPS are more engaged and interested in participating when the research is interactive and gamified. This is a workshop-style presentation – David discusses the technical components of the tool while Tamara walks attendees through the learnings from a recruitment respective. Key takeaways for action and implementation for key audiences – MRO, Fieldwork agencies and Industry.

THU 16:25-17:05


Leadership & Innovation

Risk, Resilience and Realising Your Potential

With Tori James – adventurer, speaker and author – and convened by Roy Rogers from Research Partnership

Attendees get a rare chance to hear Tori James speak about her experiences as the first Welsh woman to climb Mount Everest. One of the youngest British women to achieve such a feat, Tori draws direct parallels between time spent in the ‘death zone’ on Everest and everyday business challenges. Tori shares some of the strategies, mindsets and beliefs that contributed to her team's success, from establishing team support and trust to dealing with setbacks and high-pressure performance tactics. How do you sustain progress towards your goals in uncontrollable and unpredictable environments? This speaker session promises to be encouraging, exhilarating and applicable to many business practices.

The Healthcare Market Research Conference 2021 takes place from 15-17 June, and covers a diverse range of healthcare topics. With its online format this year, attendees can join sessions from home and watch later if necessary. For more information or to book please get in touch at

Keep an eye out for further updates and outlines of guest speakers as the date draws near.

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