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Further profiles of our brilliant speakers at the EphMRA 2021 conference

 As EphMRA’s 2021 online conference draws near, we have pleasure in releasing further details of upcoming speakers and sessions. This year’s all-new online format highlights a wide range of healthcare topics with all sessions now easily accessible from the comfort of your own home. Start planning early, there’s much to look forward to!


Duncan Munro & Charlie Parrington-Tyler, Cello Health

The importance of labels – calibration in demand assessment for label change research

This session takes a real-world example of calibrating demand assessment to make a more realistic estimate of future market potential; their example is a label change for an existing dermatology brand. Working with LEO Pharma, the project found that research of an in-market brand with a new label provided both opportunities and challenges. The result? A unique approach that can be applied to similar market opportunities in the future.


Elise Kocks & Nicolas Camargo, SKIM

Connecting the dots of your forecast through Decision influence modelling

Many information sources allow patients to influence decisions regarding their own treatment, yet payers push for lower costs and restrict options available for HCPs. How can pharma companies evaluate new products? Discussion centres around the importance of multiple perspectives when forecasting market potential. Influence frameworks can help reconcile individual preferences and interaction styles into a single, reliable forecast.


 Brian Larkin, Norgine

Covid-19 & colonoscopy – how an agile market research approach created clarity out of a crisis

In March 2020, all non-urgent diagnostic procedures were immediately postponed due to Covid-19, and sales of associated products saw a massive dip. The speaker explores how a pharmaceutical manufacturer put primary market research at the heart of its Covid-19 crisis management strategy. The result is a valuable lesson in how to successfully inform patient engagement strategies, with tips on best practices in how to adopt your own agile market research projects.


Tom Van Avondt, Perrigo & Delphine Vantomme, InSites Consulting

Let’s talk health with the self-care consumer: immersive and agile engagement for a future-proof business

Perrigo’s unique new vision centres around putting the consumer at the heart of its organisation. Understanding how consumers face multiple health challenges, the team took a 360° view above ‘siloed’ individual category studies, to study category trends such as healthy living, naturalness, probiotics, CBD and sustainability. Broader innovation platform development then led to a deeper consumer understanding. This session shows how the resulting fast and effective response came to the fore during recent Covid-19 challenges.


Roberto Cortese, Elma Research & Nina Sabine Ploetz, Alexion International

Market research as a catalyst for cross-functional collaboration:

A new model to deliver compelling solutions for HCP and patient needs

A collaboration between Alexion and Elma Research involved qualitative interviews followed by a series of virtual co-creation workshops. Results were presented back to HCPs and patients, who then worked in parallel via live sessions and asynchronous interaction to fine-tune their suggested solutions. This session looks at the ensuing plan that everyone contributed to, and the opportunity to improve patient outcomes in a rare disease with limited treatment options.


Danielle Drayton, PhD, REACH Market Research

Maximizing time and resources to assess, model and track rare disease markets

Valuable insights into the tricky world of rare disease market research. Fraught with challenges, this is a time-consuming business that’s not always amenable to traditional approaches. The session profiles sickle cell disease (SCD), which has a rapidly evolving market, so it’s an ideal example for showcasing rare disease market research. The talk looks at the strategies used to maximise primary market research (qualitative and quantitative), and secondary data resources for high-quality, quick-turnaround insights.

 The Healthcare Market Research Conference 2021 takes place from 15-17 June. Keep your eye out for further updates and outlines of our guest speakers.

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EphMRA 2021 - Online June 15 -17

Our 2021 conference will be an exciting, inspiring and engaging online event and will take place the week of 14th June, with the key dates being 15-17 June.

The latest submissions are in the final stages of evaluation and the programme will soon be ready to publish. We have some outstanding speakers this year for our online event.