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Guidance notes to help you create your online booth

Thank-you for booking an online Agency ‘booth’ at our conference in June. We very much appreciate your support and hope that your online Agency Fair experience is positive, enjoyable and productive. 

This document outlines what your ‘package’ includes; some technical specifications for what you will need to provide and the timelines for populating your online ‘booth’.

So firstly what will your booth look like online?  Well – along the lines of this:


Key Questions and Answers at a glance

Q  How many files can be uploaded onto my Agency Fair online ‘booth’?

A  Up to 3 videos and up to 6 other resources – e.g. powerpoint presentations, promotional materials which support your business

Q  Who ‘builds’ our online booth?

A  EphMRA will organise this for you.  All you need to do it provide all the elements to us and we will populate your ‘booth’ for you

Q  When do all the elements for the booth need to be sent over to EphMRA?

A  By Wednesday 2nd June

Q  Do we need to virtually ‘man’ our stand throughout the conference?

A  No!  You will need to ‘man’ your online booth when the agency fair is officially open at specific times during the conference but other than these times, you do not need to have someone ‘manning’ your stand.  Anyone who visits your booth and wishes to contact you can complete the ‘contact’ form and someone from your agency will need to get back them to set up an appointment separate from the conference platform.

Q  How will EphMRA encourage attendees to visit our booth?

A  EphMRA will set up a simple ‘Treasure Hunt’ to encourage attendees to visit all booths.  Each agency will need to provide a short question which attendees have to answer and there will be a prize for the winner of the Treasure Hunt.  You will need to provide your question by Wednesday 2nd June and this will be added to your booth description.


Format and requirements for your online ‘booth’

  1. Main lobby page image

Your company logo will be displayed on the main lobby page under the ‘Exhibition’ section, so that attendees can easily see who is exhibiting. 
Here are some guidelines for your image:
  • Your logo needs to be 2:1 ratio
  • To render optimally at 300 x 150 pixels
  • Must be provided in 2x resolution with native dimensions of 600 x 300 pixels
  • If your branding guidelines allow, it is better if your logo is not on a white background, as with a number of logos together it creates a more appealing ‘grid’ effect if the logos are on a coloured background


  1. Your online ‘booth’

Your ‘booth’ will appear as its own ‘page’ on the site and below is an example of what a booth looks like on the platform.

In order EphMRA to populate your ‘booth’ for you, you will need to provide the following as soon as possible but no later than Wednesday 2nd June please:
  • A concise outline about your company and its services of around 100 words. You can see in the image above the level of detail needed for this outline
  • Up to 2 images – e.g. logo, services. These can link to your website or other websites. We will just need to know which link you’d like to have them linked to
  • These need to be:
    • 2:1 ratio
    • To render optimally at 300 x 150 pixels
    • Must be provided in 2x resolution with native dimensions of 600 x 300 pixels
  • Up to 3 videos
    • These will be hosted on Vimeo or YouTube under your company account (or one that you have permission to use). You would embed your URL and video title text on your page so that visitors can access them easily
  • Up to 6 resources about your company, the services it provides or any other collateral which supports your business
    • These can be provided as PDFs, images, rich text (.rtf), Word, Excel or PowerPoint
  1. Logo carousel

This ‘carousel’ appears on the viewing page as attendees join the conference and as an exhibitor, this is provided as part of your ‘package’ at no additional cost.  (Note: this would cost 400 euros for members who are not exhibiting as a stand alone sponsored item)

  • Logos need to be provided in a vector file such as .svg .eps or .ai (Illustrator files). 

Treasure Hunt

In order to encourage attendees to visit your booth, there will be a treasure hunt which will comprise of a question generated by each agency that will need to be answered in order to complete a questionnaire.  Attendees will need to visit all booths to collect the answers, which they will submit and if answered correctly, their name will be put into a prize drawer. This question will appear on your ‘booth’ in the outline section (see above) but can only be answered by making contact with your agency – unless of course, they already know your agency very well!

We will need your question (and the answer for our purposes only!) for the Treasure Hunt by Wednesday 2nd June at the latest so that we can generate the questionnaire online.

Agency Fair opening times

The Agency Fair will be open throughout the conference but we will have allocated slots where attendees will be actively encouraged to visit all the booths and engage with exhibitors. These times are:
Tuesday 15th June: 15.45 – 16.05 UK time
Wednesday 16th June: 13.35 – 14.05 UK time
Thursday 17th June: 12.35 – 13.05 UK time
Attendees can contact you using the ‘contact’ form on your page in order to arrange an appointment with you. Then you can arrange a call/Zoom/Teams meeting with them at your own convenience.  You won’t need to ‘man’ your stand throughout the conference, as this is far too time consuming for agencies, but you will need to be around during the official opening times to connect with visitors who wish to speak to you.


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