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With just a week to go until registrations open for the EphMRA 2020 Conference, we’re offering a preview of what we have in store for you this June.

As well as being inspirational and topical, our Conference Programme will help you to stop, take a step back and look at things differently. We hope it will be thought-provoking and will give you plenty of ideas to take back to the office and implement.

Stimulating Plenary Sessions

You’ve already met Sue Coyne in an earlier blog and we’ll be introducing you to seven more high-profile speakers in coming months, including a man whose story of overcoming extreme adversity will astound you.

Practical Parallels

We always try to get the balance right for you of motivational sessions and practical, in-depth case studies and discussion. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in our parallels – the full programme of 21 sessions will be announced shortly.

Technology/AI, Data Analytics and Forecasting
  • Forecasting Discussion – Demand Management and China Forecasting – a stimulating session with expert speakers and discussion, put together by the EphMRA Forecasting Forum.
  • AI in Healthcare Primary MR - Smoke & Mirrors or a future staple? Unpolluted views, observations, hopes, fears, challenges and opportunities from key Pharma Companies.
  • Human vs. machine - Who will win the battle for insights?
  • Looking at data differently - Using technology to discover and deliver insights from secondary data.
Digital Engagement
  • Pharma’s use of digital channels is often poor. How can insight/MR teams improve the quality of their brand’s digital marketing campaigns?
  • Powering market research - bringing secondary and primary data together for greater insights.
  • Is your brand moving with the times? The metrics you need to create a disruptive brand in the digital world.
  • Using data science to identify the key drivers of brand commitment and optimise the actions of the field force.
Agile Research and Patient Centricity
  • The new frontier of agile research: qualitative research and quantitative patient research insights in an instant.
  • Patient advocacy insights from ultra-rare disease caregivers.
  • Transforming your patient journey, a new agile approach.
  • Let’s talk health: building a stronger business from an immersive and agile engagement with the self-care consumer.
Beyond Research – the Bigger Picture
  • Efficiency in pharma market research: why reducing our environmental footprint matters, and how do we go about it?
  • If we’re serious about inclusion and diversity, we have to get serious about measuring it.

There will also be discussion sessions, the Market Research Excellence Awards, our AGM, the Agency Fair, Agency Sessions and plenty of time for networking and to catch up with colleagues.

Specialist Speakers

Selecting the best quality speakers from a variety of backgrounds is of great importance to us. Look out for expert speakers at the 2020 Conference from:

  • Merck KGaA
  • Danone Specialised Nutrition
  • SKIM
  • Kantar
  • Janssen
  • J & D Forecasting
  • Gilead
  • Hall & Partners
  • M3 Global Research
  • Basis Health
  • Mowat-Wilson Syndrome Foundation
  • suAzio
  • TherapeuticsMD
  • BuzzBack
  • InSites Consulting
  • Behavioural Architects
  • Brains and Cheek
  • groupH
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • UCB
  • Cello Health Insight
  • Bayer AG Pharmaceuticals



Watch this space for the full programme of speakers and presentations coming to you soon.

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EphMRA 2021 - Antwerp - June 15 -17

Our 2021 conference will be an exciting, inspiring and engaging online event and will take place the week of 14th June, with the key dates being 15-17 June.

The latest submissions are in the final stages of evaluation and the programme will soon be ready to publish. We have some outstanding speakers this year for our online event.