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Discover Business Storytelling with Erik Mathlener

We always like to offer delegates something different and thought-provoking at our events, and our Annual Conference in June is no exception! For our closing plenary presentation, we are excited to bring you Erik Mathlener – Business Storyteller.


Now, we’re not talking children’s bedtime stories here! Erik will show you how to use storytelling in a meeting or presentation to wow your customers – whether internal or external.

Fact or Fiction?

As a market research professional, you deal with data, analysis, facts and figures and you are experts in your field. But, how are your presenting skills? Can you explain complex topics in an engaging way? How are you at creating a connection with your client or audience? How do you create trust?

Have we got you thinking?

If you’d like to improve any of these areas, then storytelling can help. This isn’t about tricks or deception though, it’s a genuine way of sharing who you are, what your values are and why you work the way you do.

Here’s Erik to tell you more

What You Will Learn

  • How to connect with customers so they buy-in to you and what you say
  • How to explain difficult concepts in a simple story
  • How to ensure your client is fascinated by your presentation
  • How to use storytelling to gain trust
  • Essential components of a good story
  • How to find the right stories to tell.

Hear Erik’s Storytelling Presentation

Would you like to join us to discover the power of storytelling for your business? Conference registration for EphMRA Conference 2020, 23-25 June, Antwerp is open – book your place now.

“Magical things happen when you turn real-world data into real-world stories. Awaken the storyteller within yourself and you will attract, inspire and persuade people.”

Erik Mathlener

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