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Keynote Speaker announced for first day of conference - Natalia Cohen

We are delighted to announce this year’s keynote speaker is the incredible Natalia Cohen. Natalia will be sharing her extraordinary story and explaining how the lessons she learnt about leadership, teamwork and mental resilience can be applied to your business.

Natalia’s journey

Imagine being at sea for nine months on a 29ft ocean rowing boat with only the same three people for company.

That’s exactly what Natalia experienced as part of the first all-female team to row unsupported across the Pacific Ocean. The 9000-mile journey from San Francisco, USA to Cairns, Australia was a physical and mental test of strength, endurance and determination.

Prior to her amazing journey, Natalia had 15 years of experience living and working in over 60 countries. Her professional experience within the travel industry includes adventure tour leader, operations management, teaching, project coordination, working within the super yacht industry and running a remote safari lodge in Tanzania.

Clearly no stranger to leaving her comfort zone and embracing the unknown, Natalia had the positivity and open mind needed to embark on such an extreme expedition.

Natalia and the crew completed this challenge in January 2016, setting two world records and gaining an international following. The documentary of their journey, Losing Sight of Shore, is available on Netflix, Amazon and iTunes.

Alternatively, you can hear about Natalia’s astonishing experience first-hand by booking your place at our 2019 conference.

Sharing her success

Since returning from her nine-month rowing expedition across the Pacific, Natalia Cohen has spent her time speaking at conferences, partner meetings, schools, award ceremonies, TEDx Talks, dinners, charities, training days and various other events.

Topics she covers include:

- Effective communication

- Teamwork - diversity and strength within high performing teams

- Leadership

- Overcoming adversity

- Dealing with change

- Commitment and perseverance

- Aligning with your value system

- Positive mindset and mental resilience

- Choice and connection

- Live in the NOW and enjoy the journey

Natalia’s inspirational journey provides many valuable insights which she will be sharing during her keynote speech at our 2019 conference. Her objective is to empower others to reach their potential, push through their self-limiting mental boundaries and overcome the challenges life throws at them.

Selecting our keynote speaker

In line with our strategic vision for EphMRA, our conference aims to inspire and empower members to influence decision through expert advice and insights that help drive business performance and gain competitive advantage.

Natalia and her team endured some of the toughest conditions during their nine months at sea and yet they were able to remain focused on their goal. It would be almost impossible to hear Natalia’s story and not learn something you can apply to your business.

How many projects start with clear direction but encounter unexpected setbacks along the way? How often must teams pull together in stressful situations? How frequently must we overcome unforeseen challenges in both our careers and personal lives? Natalia and her team faced all these situations in the most extreme circumstances.

Their strength, positivity and determination allowed them to successfully achieve something that had never been achieved before. By sharing her experience, Natalia will help us understand how we can cross our own individual ‘oceans’ and achieve our goals.   

Registration for the 2019 conference is open. Take advantage of our early bird fees which end Tuesday 12th March:

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