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JH Award

2018 Winners

Katy Irving from HRW and Yuuki Ochiai from Janssen won the award for their outstanding paper at the conference entitled Information overload: how our biases get the best of us and the keys to being better understood.

"I really enjoyed preparing and presenting our paper 'Information Overload'," said Yuuki. "It was about an issue that everyone is facing in this digital era and we tried to make the presentation as interactive as possible. The reaction and feedback from the audience was amazing and encouraging. Receiving this prestigious JH award is rewarding and is an extra bonus to the delightful experience. Thank you so much EphMRA team!"

Said Katy - "We’re thrilled to receive the JH award- making behavioural science tangible and actionable is something we are really passionate about and it was a delight to work closely with Yuuki to create a paper that had impact for delegates at the conference. Being given this award is real icing on the cake, and we’re grateful to conference delegates, judging panel, and EphMRA for this honour."

It was a very closely fought contest for 2nd and 3rd place, but EphMRA was also very pleased to award 2nd place to Viv Farr from Narrative Health and Jonathan Lovatt-Young from Love Experience for their paper entitled Digital Transformation – It’s Persona-L . 

3rd place was won by Rikke Zeeburg from Coloplast for her paper entitled Uncovering the reasons behind patients not being offered optimal treatment method(s). 

We are looking forward to awarding this much coveted award after the 2019 conference!

So what is the JH Award and why is it such a revered award to win?

To give you some background, Jack Hayhurst worked at ICI Pharmaceuticals for many years, firstly in their Animal Health Division and then later moved to their ethical pharmaceutical arena, where his enthusiasm to encourage excellence from all agencies - whether providing data or ad hoc research - was well known. He was appointed President of EphMRA in 1976, during his period of heading ICI's Pharmaceutical research department. He was also Treasurer and the first General Secretary until he retired in 1988 and sadly passed away in 2005

In recognition of Jack’s work in the pharmaceutical market research industry, it was decided to establish the Jack Hayhurst Award and the first award was given in 1988. In particular, Jack was passionate about encouraging those who presented at EphMRA conferences to deliver innovative presentations which optimised the messages delivered to delegates and this vision still holds true today, despite the massive technological changes in how presentations are delivered!

It may seem incredible to think that in Jack’s day, he encouraged the use of clear and concise 35 mm slides rather than simply hand writing their presentations. It may seem a lifetime ago but just shows how much technology has moved on in the past 30 years! He also encouraged the use of video and enhanced the professional way EphMRA approached the Annual Conference.

Talking to previous winners of this award, it is very clear that this has become a highly treasured award, as it recognises the inspiration and striving for excellence which he brought to our industry and winning it is highly meaningful - both professionally and personally. To appear in the JH Award ‘hall of fame’ is highly sought after and we are sure that all more recent winners feel the same sense of pride and excitement that previous winners have felt.

For the full list of previous winners, please go to the EphMRA website -


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