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Agency Speaker Information for Antwerp 2020

Dear Speaker

On behalf of EphMRA, I would like to thank you for accepting our invitation to speak at the 2020 conference in Antwerp next June and to congratulate you on being selected.

Please read through these details carefully, as it includes some very important information which you will need over the forthcoming months and by so doing, it will help to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings in the months to come.

Once you have read through please can you complete the form and submit by Monday 2nd December at the latest.

We are very much looking forward to working with you over the next few months for what we very much hope will be an even more successful conference in 2020.

Yours sincerely

Caroline Snowdon

Events Manager



Early January 2020


Action Required:

IF REQUIRED - Initial telecon with speaker(s), session mentor/chair + EphMRA Events Manager to introduce speakers to mentors/chairs and discuss the overall structure/shape of the presentation and provide guidance/support for speaker(s). Discussion could also be via email if this is more appropriate for all parties

By Friday 21st February 2020

Initial PowerPoint slides with notes pages completed to explain the slides - emailed to Caroline Snowdon – [email protected] 

Monday 2nd March – Wednesday 26th March 2019

Telecon with speaker(s) and session mentor/chair + EphMRA Events Manager to run through the draft slides

Friday 3rd May 2019

Full and final presentation slides to be emailed to Caroline Snowdon + session mentor/chair – [email protected]

Monday 6th May - Friday 24th May 2019

Webex rehearsal with session mentor/chair + Caroline Snowdon

The below bullet points are important and so we appreciate your reading them through. 

  • The inclusion of your paper in the 2020 conference is based on your submitted and accepted submission and the presenters named at the time of submission.  Any subsequent changes in speakers or content must be notified as soon as possible to [email protected].  In these circumstances, the Programme Committee would then need to reassess the suitability of your paper for the conference, which could result in your paper being withdrawn.
  • It is the position of EphMRA that the submission belongs to the submitting company or companies.
  • Your presentation MUST NOT have been given to any other Association/Conference or aired publicly prior to its exposure at the 2020 EphMRA conference for which it is intended. 
  • We get very positive feedback from our delegates who attend our conference each year, as they really enjoy coming to our events and listening to outstanding, inspiring presentations.  As part of the overall conference experience, colleagues really appreciate and value having access to the slide decks presented at the conference on the EphMRA website.  They have told us how much value they get from reviewing the slides after the event and frequently refer to them.  In accepting to speak at the conference, you are giving your permission for EphMRA to put your slides that you presented on the day as a pdf onto the main EphMRA website.  If you need to get internal permission prior to the event, you will need to do so in advance of the conference and when you present.
  • Feedback from conference delegates has shown that they do not appreciate conference presentations being in any way promotional for your company or services.  EphMRA has the right to not proceed with your presentation should your presentation prove promotional.
  • Feedback has shown that delegates need to have the ‘key takeaways’ at the end of the presentation.  Please allow approximately 3 slides at the end of your presentation to show what the key learnings are from your presentation.
  • Please let us know if you have any extended periods of absence from work anticipated by either speaker during the period between January and June 2020.  By ‘extended’ we mean periods away from work e.g. sabbaticals, leave of absence of more than 3 weeks etc.  This helps us when planning telecons prior to the event.
  • The slide template provided by EphMRA must be used for your slides, starting from the first time we see the slides in February.  EphMRA would be happy to provide a cost for putting slides onto the EphMRA template if required.
  • Company logos are only allowed on the front page of the slides (in the position indicated in the template), videos or any other media used. 
  • No company contact details/names etc can be included on any slide.
  • EphMRA requests that you (or your company) only publicise your participation as a speaker at the conference once registration begins and the programme has been finalised.  This usually happens around the end of January and you will be notified when registrations open.
  •  As outlined in the Call for Contributors, EphMRA is unable to waive the conference delegate fee for speakers and so all speakers are required to register and pay to attend the conference. The ‘early bird fee deadline’ is Monday 23rd March and we will give you a code to register with so that you may benefit from this reduced fee.  However, if you do not register at this time then we will be unable to offer you the early bird fee again and so you will need to register and pay at the prevailing rate at the time.
  • EphMRA organises telecons and webexes so that we can run through your paper and manage the content with you.  We need you to participate in these as outlined in the timetable above and if there are 2 speakers, BOTH speakers are required to join these telecons/webexes.
  • All presentations and slides must be in English and no simultaneous translation will be available.
  • In the selection of papers, the Programme Committee have assumed that the author has ensured that permission has been obtained from clients or other third parties to present the information contained in the presentation.  You are indemnifying EphMRA and will ensure that EphMRA is not held liable for any claims from clients or other third parties incurred by the author’s failure to obtain permission to use information.  The authors should also be sure there is no infringement upon the copyright, right of use or any other right of intellectual property under any circumstances. 
  • Slides must be prepared on PowerPoint for use on a laptop computer.  However, we encourage use of film, DVDs and other media within your presentations.  Please check if you intend to use any film clips or music as you will need to have received approval and pay any royalties due (EphMRA is unable to pay these royalties).  Prezi presentations are not permitted.
  • On site in Antwerp, you will be required to attend a technical run through of your slides, for which an allotted time will be given to speakers well in advance of the conference (this is likely to take place on Tuesday 23rd June but could also be on Wednesday 24th or Thursday 25th June depending upon when your paper is scheduled).  At the same time, you will have the opportunity to see the room in which you will be speaking.  You will also have the opportunity to meet with your session mentor/chair to discuss logistics, raise any questions etc.
  • EphMRA will on site audio record your paper as you are presenting it for internal purposes only.


Thank-you very much for reading through your speaker letter.  We want to make sure that your experience as a speaker is as enjoyable as possible and that you are clear about what EphMRA needs from you over the forthcoming months.

Please fill in and submit the form below

Contact Us

Online Form
1. My/our paper has not been given to any other Association/Conference and will not be aired publicly prior to the 2020 EphMRA conference
2. I/we will use the EphMRA PPT template provided for my/our slides
3. I/we acknowledge that company logos are only allowed on the front page of the slides and that contact details are not allowed on the slides
4. I/we agree to register and pay to attend the conference

EphMRA 2021 - Antwerp - June 15 -17

Our 2021 conference will be an exciting, inspiring and engaging online event and will take place the week of 14th June, with the key dates being 15-17 June.

The latest submissions are in the final stages of evaluation and the programme will soon be ready to publish. We have some outstanding speakers this year for our online event.