Convenors from the LDC:  An-hwa Lee, Associate Director, Research Partnership and Chetan Taylor, Brand Scientist, Branding Science

Speakers:  Jason Ward, Partner, DRG Consulting & Lucy Pritchett, Senior Consultant, DRG Consulting

Workshop rationale

Pricing and market access is a central part of any brand’s R&D and commercialisation strategy across the different stages of developing. Still often seen as a technical domain, there is an increasing need for all brand team members to have a clear understanding of the core concepts and methodologies of this important topic.


Provide attendees with a foundational understanding of global pricing and market access, and how stakeholder insights can be gathered by stage of development; provide practical and actionable examples to course attendees so they can contribute effectively both the brand strategy discussion on P&MA and the execution of relevant and timely payer-focused insight projects.

Key topics

Introduction to pricing & market access

  • What is pricing and market access?
  • What is a successful pricing and market access strategy? (inc. maximising company revenues, maximising patient access, maximising unit costs)
  • Overview of EU5 P&MA systems – key drivers and decision making frameworks, payer archetypes

Setting a value-based P&MA strategy

  • Value frameworks – how to define the value of a new therapy
  • Gaining stakeholder insights – pricing and market access research insight techniques across the lifecycle, including direct payer engagement
  • Developing a value-based pricing strategy - product value, affordability & willingness to pay, corporate considerations, alignment with brand strategy
  • Implementation of P&MA strategy – P&MA launch strategies, innovative agreements, launch sequencing, international referencing
  • Considerations by therapy area – how P&MA can vary in oncology, rare diseases etc

Case studies and interactive elements will be included to test understanding on pricing strategy development, and how to effectively gain insight from payers to address brand strategy questions

Who should attend

Experienced brand team members who need to enhance their understanding of P&MA to better enable cross-functional working, and current P&MA professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and understanding.