Convenor: Marcel Slavenburg, SKIM Group

Speakers: Marianne Fillion, Director Market Research and Nathalie Pechoux, Senior Director Consulting Services, Diaceutics 

Rationale for this workshop:

Up to two-thirds of assets in late stage development are tied to some type of companion or complimentary diagnostic tool, such as biomarkers. These drugs present with a new set of challenges from a development and commercialisation perspective, which directly translates to new challenges from a data and insights perspective. These uncharted territories of companion diagnostic/treatment launch warrant an even greater need for meaningful data and insights.

Overall Workshop Objective:

At the end of the workshop you will have a greater understanding of how to approach diagnostics (and companion diagnostics) research and data mining, how to overcome its inherent challenges as well as how to best integrate the diagnostic and drug research together.

Workshop Outline:

The workshop will be divided into 2 main topics, covering primary and secondary research needs specific to companion diagnostics (and to a lesser extent) to diagnostics in general. Each topic will be comprised of a lecture provided by one of our topic experts, followed by an interactive exercise that will get all participants involved:

Part 1: Primary Research

  •          How to approach the new stakeholders – what to consider when doing research with them
  •          How to balance the scientific and commercial insights
  •          Why can’t one stakeholder provide all the insights
  •          And what about patients? Can they contribute to the discussion?
  •          Including a short quiz – “Are you fluent in lab jargon?”

Part 2: Secondary Research

  •          What type of diagnostic data is available
  •          Where to find (Sources) of secondary data for laboratory information
  •          What is the Diagnostics equivalent of IMS data
  •          How to best integrate Primary and Secondary Diagnostics data

Part 3: Wrap up

  •          Diagnostics and product/treatment research and insights – together or separate

Who should attend this workshop:

For all those supporting now or in the future a CDx/Tx launch, whether it is complimentary, companion or part of the work up, this is the workshop you must attend!

A fantastic opportunity to discuss and share with colleagues about your newly developed experience in this field, evolving best practices or to learn from your colleague’s experience in this up-and-coming insight arena.

We will close the session with some hints and tips about how to best integrate primary and secondary data specific to companion diagnostics with the overall commercial plan.