Convenors: Jana Rueten, Deputy Director of Operations UK, M3 Global Research & Alexander Rummel, Managing Director, Aurum Research 

Speakers: Nick Wain, Research Director & Hannah Brown, Marketing Director, M3 Global Research and Nick Ross, Senior Research Director, The Planning Shop International

Part 1: Engagement

Engagement and response rates are key discussion points in our industry and the workshop will open with a discussion on the key factors influencing these.

Evidence from the market (reference to previous market research studies) will be reviewed and the speakers will leverage a wide source of proprietary data collected (over the past 4 years) by M3 Global Research from both the HCPs and MR professionals.  This discussion will provide a springboard for demonstrating the importance of planning and designing screeners to ensure quality business data collection and insights.

Part 2: Implementation of the EphMRA / BHBIA Screener Guidelines (launched November 2017)

Planning ahead is vital for research success, and oftentimes screeners play a crucial part in this. We will outline screener challenges and how to overcome them.

EphMRA issued a new Screener Design and Best Practice guide, produced through a collaboration between the EphMRA Fieldwork Forum and the BHBIA Fieldwork Forum.  The aim has been to raise standards across the whole healthcare market research industry and focus specifically on improving screener design. We will be discussing any impact of their publication has made in practice over the preceding months in between the rollout and the EphMRA conference – we will talk about what impact has been made, or if no significant impact has been noted, how this can be brought about.   

Additional points for research planning will also be discussed, such as what to consider when client lists will be used, or what needs to be considered with GDPR taking effect in May 2018.

Some of the key challenges of screening questions in qualitative and quantitative MR studies will be referenced;

    • We’ll discuss the best ways to ask ‘the same’ questions so often used in screeners
    • We’ll discuss what is necessary, what is desirable and what is redundant or misplaced in a screener

The session will be enriched by examples.

Attendees will take away strategies to implement the Guidelines in daily work – either initiate working with them or improve their implementation.

Target Audience:

This workshop is aimed at anyone interested in running fieldwork successfully, so we are looking forward to a wide audience of varied seniority across the pharma, agency, consultant and fieldwork sectors.